age requirements

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Must be 18+ years or older.

Do I need to be fit before i come here?

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The short answer is no. In our Infused Training Method™ classes you can jump in and get going regardless of whether you have just been away from the workout scene for a while or haven’t ever really been in it. The key is to START! Will you die the first time you come? Probably. But you just have to want to work hard and want to get fit.

What is the Infused Training Method™ Class?


In the beginning of the each class, your trainer will go over each exercise and allow you to try them out. If regressions are needed, you will be shown and instructed by your trainer on the specific modification. 

The curriculum for these classes is designed with the following types of drills/exercises:

  • Cardio exercises include: Row, Bike, Ski and Incline running and walking.

  • Explosive movements and plyometrics

  • Sharp changes of direction

  • Agility obstacles

  • Other sport-specific movements including ladders, hurdles, and box jumps

  • Strength movements (ex: dumbbell cleans, dumbbell snatches, overhead carries, kettlebell swings and weighted squat and lunge variations)

  • Modifications are available!



+1hr Per Class
+500+ Cals Burned Per Class
+Increased Strength Gains
+Increased Overall Fitness Base
+Explosive Agility Movements 
+Cardio, Dumbbells, Med Balls, etc.
+Athletic Movements 

class preparation

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To get the most out of your class, plan to arrive at least 5-10 minutes beforehand. This allows time to get settled, and prepared for a proper warm up.

Wear running or training shoes, and bring a water bottle. All equipment, towels, and two running water fountains will be provided for you. 


Remember: If you plan on arriving later than 5-10 minutes of the class start time, please do not come to the class. In order to maximize your time, benefit from each class, and to not disrupt other athletes, prompt attendance is required. 

*In order to serve you well, you must sign up 1 hour before class. This is to ensure that we have the adequate amount of trainers available for each class.

Contract, Cancellation, & Refund Policy


Unlimited Contracts: Our unlimited contracts are set on a month-to month basis. You will immediately be charged a prorate from your “start date” for the rest of the month and a one-time $20.00 registration fee. After that, you will be charged the 1st of every month. 


Package Contracts: our 5, 8, and 10 session packages are paid up front and and expire a year after purchase. 


Contract Cancellation Policy

Unlimited Contracts: Our unlimited contracts are set on a month-to-month basis. All month-to-month contracts can be cancelled anytime during the month, but you will not receive a refund. If you would like cancel your contract, you must let us know (call or email) before the last day of the month, or penalties will occur: You will have to pay 50% of the cost of an unlimited contract as a penalty, if you do not let us know before the last day of the month that you would like to cancel your membership for the upcoming month.   

Package Contracts: our 5, 8, and 10 Class Packages are paid up front and and are non-refundable. 


Class Cancellation & Late Fee Policy 

Early Cancel: To drop a session simply make sure you cancel at least 2 hours before class time and your account will be credited your class back.


Late Cancel: 

If you have a 10, 8, or 5 Class Package, 1x Drop-In, or Bring a Friend Class, no credit will be returned and this late-cancelled class will count towards your Class Package/1x Drop-In/Bring a Friend Class, 


If you have an Unlimited (Month-to-Month) membership, your account will be charged a late-fee as if you had attended, ($15.00).


Athletes will be partially refunded ONLY for the reasons stated below:

  • If athlete gets injured and has NOT completed more than half of a month of sessions (15 days) and is out of commission for more than 3+ months. Player will only be charged half the amount of their monthly membership. A physicians note is required.

(Ex: Johnny has monthly unlimited membership. Johny gets injured on the 12h of the month and is out for 3+ months. Johnny will be refunded half of his membership fee with proof of a physician's note.)

  • If athlete has purchased a 5,8, or 10 session package and gets injured, the athlete has up to a year to use the package.